Relationship Started On Facebook Ends In Confusion

Should he pursue this girl he met on Facebook? I took this girl on a date last weekend for the first time meeting her….

Need She Worry About Starting An Interracial Relationship?

I was matched with a guy on about a month and a half ago, and we hit it off great. We messaged back and forth for…

Sensate Focus Usually Cures Erectile Dysfunction

Sensate focus from Masters & Johnson Dear Duana, I’m resolved to get my husband’s and my sexlife back.  We’re best friends with a great…

Effective Treatment For Anxiety Attacks

Four cases of treatments that stopped anxiety attacks Stress, anxiety, nerves…trade in your worries for confidence and courage. Whether what you worry about is marriage…

Do You Want To Feel Closer To Loved Ones?

Do you take loved ones too much for granted? Maybe flirtation should be forever. Want to fix a relationship with your children, sister or brother, parents or friends…

How To Create Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are made of this (A 3-factor understanding of what makes lovers soar or sour)   This post is a response to Is Gratitude…

Adultery Needn’t Be a Terminal Mistake

After adultery can a marriage be resurrected? What if you’re preoccupied with a sexual temptation? or suspect your spouse? Most people feel guilty, and appropriately…

Marriage Advice You Can Safely Reject

Common (but flawed) marriage advice Marriage is for grownups, grownups who are prepared for its challenges because they have high-level cooperative communication and shared decision-making skills….

Infatuation Could Easily Seduce You Into Marrying Unwisely

Infatuation stimulates fantasies of permanent bonding New love is the ultimate turn on. In the first moments and days of love, the neuro-chemicals that…

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Are You Serious About Online Dating?

Are You Serious About Online Dating?

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