Most dating sites focus on the ability to search. Not eHarmony. This brand is know for their trademarked 29 dimensions of compatibility. This system is able to determine which sets of partners are the right fit for you. By having such a deep look at relationships, you are left with potential mates that will increase your chances of a successful relationship. The one negative you'll hear about eHarmony is the profile creation process it too long. Then again, the site is known as the #1 dating site that leads to marriage. If this is your immediate goal, then this site is 100% worth your time to fill out the long profile. Review

eHarmony's 29 Dimensions

1. Self-Concept
2. Emotional Status
3. Energy: Emotional
4. Obstreperousness
5. Passion: Romantic
6. Character
7. Kindness
8. Dominance
9. Sociability
10. Autonomy
11. Adaptability
12. Intellect
13. Curiosity
14. Humor
15. Artistic Passion
16. Energy: Physical
17. Passion: Sexual
18. Vitality and Security
19. Industry
20. Appearance
21. Communication Style
22. Emotion Management: Anger
23. Emotion Management: Mood
24. Conflict Resolution
25. Spirituality
26. Family Goals
27. Traditionalism
28. Ambition
29. Altruism

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3 Month Membership: $39.95/mo (33% savings)
6 Month Membership: $29.95/mo (50% savings)
12 Month Membership: $19.95/mo (67% savings)
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