Japan Women Dating Review

Japan-Women-Dating.com caters to a growing niche in our society. The growth of Asian women looking to date American men is very high. As a result, this site allows you to connect with these women in a very unique way.

Japan Women Dating Review

Key Features:

  • Email: If you prefer to lay it out all there, email is your best option
  • Chat: The most ideal if you're looking for real time interactions
  • CamShare: This allows you to take chat to the next level with and added face to face over cam

Membership Pricing:

This site operates on a credit system. Essentially, all communication will cst you credits. You can also earn free credits by performing account functions, such as completing your profile or uploading an image or video.

The cost of credits are as follows:

1000 credits = $399
500 credits = $249
320 credits = $185
160 credits = $96
80 credits = $56
40 credits = $30
20 credits = $16
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