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On a Personal Note

relationship advice
Derek Collinson, Founder, Howdoidate.com

I founded howdoidate.com in 2013 in response to the growing divorce rate and my own personal and painful experiences of two divorces and pleasant and not so pleasant experiences of online dating.

Divorce is excruciatingly painful for everyone concerned – for the couple who had such high hopes when they were married, for the children, for other members of their family and for their friends. Divorce often means losing touch with many of the people you love and having to face the fact that you will never see your much loved dog or cat again.

The financial devastation too that I experienced is something that some people never recover from and if betrayal is involved as it was for me, then there can be major trust issues that can blight all future relationships.

Let’s face it no one gets married to get divorced and perhaps more importantly I strongly believe that most people could probably have avoided divorce had they sought relationship advice from qualified therapists before the point of no return was reached.

At the same time it’s important to acknowledge that some marriages and relationships should never have taken place and that’s why as well as the relationship advice we provide here we also provide dating advice.

Our dating advice  will help you to identify suitable matches and spot the danger signals of people who have personalities totally unsuited to yours and in some cases to anyone’s!

Finally our personal development advice will help you to love yourself and NOT depend on others to give you the love you need – probably one of the major causes of relationships breaking up today.