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Sex advice from our experts to enable you to have a satisfying sex life. Find out about sex advice for gay men, sex advice for men, sex advice for women. — Sex advice for women

great lover

Is a great lover determined by parts or practices? Do you think Don Juan or Casanova left instruction manuals detailing their secrets? To my knowledge they didn’t, so we are going to have to construct...
increase libido

There are a variety of causes of lost libido. Here are the most common along with ways to increase libido. It’s quite common for a woman to lose interest in sex when there is an...
human sexuality

Why you needn't worry if your human sexuality seems to be different from the absolutes pronounced by so called experts. A speaker at a recent professional sexuality conference I attended referenced a quote variously attributed to...
sex for seniors

Sex for seniors misconceptions and myths On a recent first time visit to a new gynecologist I was given the usual sheaf of papers to fill out on personal habits and health history. One of...
sex with men

Use these 10 things about relationships and sex with men to boost your love life Some time ago I was asked to contribute to an article on “ten things every woman should know.” In it,...
emotionally numb

Understanding what has caused you to be emotionally numb and how to release your painful feelings Linda sat opposite me at one of my five-day Inner Bonding Intensives. She had decided to attend the Intensive...