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Mario Garrett, Ph.D

Mario Garrett, Ph.D., is professor of gerontology at San Diego State University. Professor Garrett obtained his BSc (First Class Honours/ summa cum laude) from the University of East London and his PhD from the University of Bath. He has over 20 years experience in large data management, manipulation, and analyses. He has coordinated the digitizing of one of the largest longitudinal databases in England (Child Health Education Survey, 1962), and has worked with all three longitudinal from-birth databases sponsored by the British government. As the team leader of a United Nations Population Fund, and as the Program Manager/ Director of Programs with the United Nations International Institute on Aging, he coordinated a five-year project looking at support for the elderly in the People’s Republic of China. While with the United Nations, professor Garrett founded the international aging magazine ‘BOLD’. More recently, with the Minority Aging Research Institute at University of North Texas, Garrett was responsible for coordinating a statewide study in all the nineteen pueblos in New Mexico. He has also designed and implemented training/educational courses in Pueblos and Reservations in the State of New Mexico as the Director of an educational program at the Center on Aging, University of New Mexico. Since 1995 Garrett has been working exclusively with national American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations, he has compiled the most comprehensive databases on health of AI/AN populations in the nation. Garrett established and maintained a Monograph series on Indian health for the National Indian Council on Aging with eight series published. After joining the faculty at San Diego State University in 2004, he was the chairman of the department of gerontology.His talk at University of California San Diego TV was viewed over 1,555,000 making it the most popular video for 2013.

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