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How Do I Date

How Do I Date Again – Top 3 Ways in 2016

How Do I Date Again


How Do I Date Again – Top 3 Ways in 2016

Are you finding yourself asking “How do I date again”? Starting to date again can be tough. Depending on how long you’ve been out of the dating world, it can be quite the daunting task to get back out there again. Think about it this way, how you met your partner might not be a proper way this time around. Your circle of friends might be different, or non-existent all together. Speaking of which, don’t feel awkward reaching out to those same friends you “didn’t have time for” when you were in a committed relationship. They will understand – believe me! So the question remains, how do I date again after all that time?

Top 3 ways on how do I date again.

  1. Take a good look at yourself and truly ask what you’re looking for. Don’t ask a friend or family member what you “should” be looking for. Actually ask yourself that question. Absolutely nothing is off limits here. There is no status quo of what is right or wrong here. Perhaps you want to be alone, or perhaps you want to have as many partners as humanly possible in one weekend. It’s 2016, no one can judge you other than yourself. Since we are our worst critic, let yourself loose a bit.
  2. Not all relationships are created equal. If you look at all the relationships in your life, they spanned a specific time frame. Whether it was short or long, it ran its course for one reason or another. That doesn’t make one relationship better than another. It simply means that life brought you into a different direction. Don’t let this be your hold back on how do I date again.
  3. Dating is constantly evolving. Sure, the divorce rate keeps climbing. Sometimes, just sometimes, what you’re really looking for is a discreet relationship. A relationship where both parties are looking for something specific. These discreet encounters have been growing in the media for various reasons. After all, the media loves anything that can have a salacious factor to it.  All the meanwhile, leaving all that nonsense that ultimately kills relationships behind. Sites such as Ashley Madison caters to this sort of thing.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m not a sugar daddy / sugar baby. I just can’t figure out how to date again. Well, who says you have to label it as a date? Why can’t it be two people exchanging what they’re truly looking for. You’d be incredibly surprised in one’s reaction when you are completely upfront. You’ll be dating in a way that you never thought possible in 2016

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