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Is Dating Like Ordering Food Online?

Online ordering for a restaurant is kinda like dating.


Is Dating Like Ordering Food Online?

Ask anyone out there that uses Grubhub and they will tell you they love it. Whether they’re “townies” or constant US travelers, you can go anywhere in the US and instantly order food. It’s such a simple process, that it’s not wonder why dating apps like Tinder is well liked. This is debatable as it recently came out that 52% of the users of Tinder use it simply for a confidence boost. You know, put your pick out there to see who swipes right on you!

Going back to my online food ordering analogy, dating is more like picking an online ordering system for your restaurant, than it is using GrubHub. Translation, you’d rather be the casual user of a restaurant ordering app  (ie casual dater) than the one looking for a real system that’s built for a restaurant for the long term (ie long term relationships). So, what can be had from this comparison of instant online ordering and hookups with a long term outlook on things? The answer normally stares you right in the face, but people hate the answer: patience.

For those of you into nutrition and keeping fit, its not just about taking the protein shake or some magic pill – even though that’s what the media wants you believe. Its the persistent intent of your daily life, always trying to make yourself 1% better each day. The same goes to dating. At times, you get so frustrated that the Tinder / hookups of the world make sense. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it does. But when it becomes the norm, you will eventually find yourself unhappy – still searching for that thing that’s missing. Ultimately, it still comes down to you bettering yourself and putting yourself out there. Don’t let go of your morals and remember, dating is suppose to be fun! Remove the pressures and see where things lead.

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