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STD Testing: Adult Communities Filled with STDs

STD Testing


STD Testing: Adult Communities Filled with STDs

For the every day person, STD testing is the last thing on your mind. Yet, we all are aware of the major STDs. Things is, many of us are quite lax when it comes to prevention. All sexual activities, I repeat all, have a a risk. So why is that there’s a huge rise in STDs among men and women over 40?

STD Testing:

I was in Florida recently and spoke with a couple men that live in an active adult community. For those not familiar with this, it’s a community of homes where the owners are 55 years and older, and prefer to live a active lifestyle (golf, social, etc). After speaking with these men and women, I came to learn about a phenomenon that had me asking 101 questions. The amount of STDs in an adult community are higher than you’d expect!

Wait, what?

Let’s look at this closer. There are many single, divorced, or widowed individuals that live in these adult communities. As we learn, age doesn’t dictate our sex drive. Thing is, these older individuals don’t use the same protective measures. They believe in the “old days” where such things weren’t necessary. As a result, you are seeing a widespread non spoken about rise in STDs.

For some of us, we chuckle at the idea. It’s a real problem. You naturally think that these older men and women are just passing STDs within their own community – this is not entirely true. Younger women always love older men with money. Younger men enjoy the company of older woman. So the STD risk is very real.

Every sexually active individuals, even ones that are married and in relationships, should get STD tested. If you prefer to not do this through insurance, there are provides such as STD Check that will provide the service for you 100% discreet and anonymously – all without your medical insurance or partner knowing.

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