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How Do I Date a Rich Man

how do i date a rich man

Dating advice for women

How Do I Date a Rich Man

Most women do not look at  man’s wealth to determine if he’s a suitable partner, at least not openly! A man’s success, or his chances of being successful, is quite an important factor when it comes to relationships. Sure, short-term (aka casual) relationships has no bearing, but long-term, without question. So how does a woman, regardless of age, answer the question of how do I date a rich man? Let’s dive deeper.

How Do I Date a Rich Man

First off, there are various levels of rich. The top 1%, as often coined by politics & society, has an enormous range. Whether you fly first class, fly private, or own your own planes, all encompass the top 1%. They are rich in their own right, but each level of wealth comes with a different way to date a rich man.

A successful down to earth man is catered to one way, while an ultra wealthy type A personality CEO is another. Take a look at his lifestyle, really take a look. Don’t simply look at what he wants you to see, take a look underneath the surface.

Additionally, truly ask yourself what are the finer things in life you’re looking for? Being associated to ultra wealth might have its perks, there are several downsides. Are you truly ok with those downsides? Don’t be blinded by the fancy things, take a look what’s under the surface in that relationship.

From this end, being able to date a rich man involves a certain ability of truth. Is that the type of life you really want? For most, it actually is not. You want to enjoy the finer things, but you don’t want it to overtake your life. In other words, you don’t want to be a gold digger with a closer relationship to his bank accounts than him. Then again, maybe you do. If that is your case, then be sure to draw in the men that need that type A personality arm candy.

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