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How Dating is Like Leasing a Car

Dating & Car Leasing are Very Similar


How Dating is Like Leasing a Car

You go through phases in your life when you gravitate towards certain things. Nothing holds true as it does with dating. You might be in your casual phase, your exploration phase, or simply wanting to settle down phase. Whichever one you’re interested in, with the growth of dating apps & dating sites, there are tons of options for you to fill that void. I’ve always believed that dating is very simple to car leasing.

Now, this might not make sense to the wise ones that purchase cars a few years old & hold on to them forever. Any finance / money guy will tell you this is the best way to extract value out of a vehicle. To everyone else in the world that wants to enjoy life, you turn to car leasing. Car leasing allows you to get into a brand new vehicle every 3 to 4 years or so, with the car being fully under warranty. It’s a great way to get your car fix.

But similar to dating, what if you are truly looking for something casual. What if you don’t want to be tied down to a 3-4 year lease. What if you wanted a new car every 12-18 months, but didn’t want to get killed by going to the dealer early? Many don’t know this, but you have the ability to transfer your car lease to someone. Or, you can takeover someone’s lease. Let’s say you never had a BMW and you would love to drive a certain model BMW for 18 months. Or say you have a Mercedes SUV and want to drive a convertible for a while. That’s where lease transfer sites do an amazing job.

Maybe it’s a phase you’re going through. Or maybe, it’s simply the way you want to live your life for a while. Either way, it’s your right to enjoy life & live it as you wish!

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