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Legit Hookup Sites Worth Trying?

Legit hookup sites


Legit Hookup Sites Worth Trying?

At one point in your life, or several points actually, there comes a need to keep things casual. Which is why we created a a way to view legit hookup sites worth trying.

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Are Hookup Sites Worth It?
Advantages of Hookup Sites
Disadvantages of Hookup Sites
Best Hookup Sites

Are Hookup Sites Worth It?

In order to answer this question, it all comes down to your ability to define a hookup site. Essentially, it’s when two people are looking to keep things casual and get straight to the hookup part quickly upon meeting. When it comes to legit hookup sites, you need to be upfront with your communication. If you’re communication is on point, the results can be amazing

Advantages of Hookup Sites

The largest advantage of hookup sites is simple, casual hookups. The key to making a hookup site truly work for you is dependent upon 3 factors:

  1. Proper profile – you’re not looking to get married here, so keep you profile incredibly fun. No serious pics, just straight up fun pictures that show a side of sexiness
  2. Communication – you’re ability to land the right hookup partner is dependent upon your ability to communicate properly. If you’re marred & looking, say that. If you’re in town for the weekend & are never coming back, say that. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not
  3. Chemistry – once you finally meet, your chemistry will determine if you go down the hookup road or not. There will be times where the offline chemistry does not match the online one. That is ok! You can still enjoy the conversation and see where things go.

Disadvantages of Hookup Sites

Hookups don’t always live up to the hype. Not only are you meeting someone you barely even know, but you’re going to get very intimate very quickly. Here are some disadvantages of hookup sites

  1. Awkwardness – certain personalities do not fare well on a first meeting. Throw in the desire to hookup, and you can have a very awkward first meeting. To the point where you look back at yourself and say “who is that person”.
  2. STDs – no one ever wants to talk about STDs, particularly for casual hookups. You need to assume that person has an STD, and you need to do everything you can to protect yourself. Condoms and no oral is a huge start. I know what you’re thinking, no oral really? Remember, you really do no know the person you’re hooking up with.
  3. Feelings – sometimes you might actually like the person you’re hooking up with, go figure. Many times when you hookup too quick, it’s difficult to go from the hookup stage to the relationship stage.

Best Hookup Sites

There are tons of places to get reviews of the best hookup sites. The best advice we can give is to try a specific niche. Maybe you’re looking for a no strings encounter that involves a degree of discretion. Ultimately, it’s important you take our key takeaways from above and apply them to your new encounter.

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