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How to Get a Date on Valentine’s Day

how to get a date on valentine's day


How to Get a Date on Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is a consumer holiday. You are being forced to believe that you need to take your partner out to dinner on this day. Additionally, you’re forced to go to a high- end restaurant and eat lower quality pre-fixed menu food. Now if you’re single, it’s even worse. How can you not have a date for Valentine’s Day. Really? That’s still a thing? Before you answer the question of how to get a date on Valentine’s Day, read this.

How to Get a Date on Valentine’s Day

To top that all off, you have more and more romantic movies on. The mix plays a toll on your mental state. So what are you to do? For those seasoned vets out there, they will tell you to do absolutely nothing.

That restaurant that’s packed on Valentine’s Day, go the weekend after (less people, higher quality food). Want to ask someone out for a first date. Wait til after Valentine’s Day.

For you married folks, this one is a bit more involved. The longer you’re married, the less inclined you’re going anywhere on this date. Even if the marriage is on the rocks, going out on this day will make it worse. The added pressure, the high volume of people, just not the best move for a relationship at this time.

Did you know the discreet dating site of Ashley Madison promotes the day before Valentine’s Day as Mistress Day. Your first reaction is to make that “ugh” face. After that passes, take a look at why that’s even possible. If you’re in a relationship that you’re on the fence about, for whatever reason, the day before Valentine’s Day you tend to spend with someone other than your partner. Whether it’s a friend or mistress is irrelevant, it’s just the toll Valentine’s Day plays on your brain is incredibly unnecessary.

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