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Are Matchmakers Popular Again?

Are Matchmakers Popular Again?


Are Matchmakers Popular Again?

Doesn’t it feel like more and more men & women are truly fed up with online dating apps? I mean, the negativity behind these dating sites continue to rise. This was starting to happen pre Covid, but Covid has basically sped up singles feelings towards the online dating world. So why is it that matchmakers are popular again? Matchmaking services are providing a quality factor online dating site can never match.

Matchmakers Have a High Success Rate

It’s known that matchmakers are expensive, but it’s also known that the good matchmakers deliver. That’s an important factor as it shows that ultimately, you get what you pay for. I mean, it’s one thing if you spent all this money with horrible results. But when you find a successful counterpart, specifically to you, it’s no wonder that matchmakers are popular again.

Binge Watching Matchmaker Shows

In addition to behavior changes, matchmaker shows have been binged at a crazy rate this year. A combination of isolation with a long time period, has had every reassess their own lives. So much so, that while online dating was great for the casual relationship, it has done very poorly when it comes to real genuine relationships.

How to Hire a Matchmaker?

So you are starting to think it might be time to look at a different route when it comes to dating, especially when you’re looking for the real deal. When looking to hire a matchmaker, it’s important to realize that there are several levels of services. Every matchmaker has different price points depending on the type of members in the database. For instance, a matchmaker in Chicago might have some members in Dallas, but not as much as a Dallas matchmaker would. The trick is speaking to as many matchmakers as you can, and see which one might be the best fit for you.

Remember there’s a chance a matchmaker might not charge you if they have a paying customer already, if they feel you are a fit for that client.

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