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Does Relish – The Relationship Training App Work?

Relish Relationship Training App


Does Relish – The Relationship Training App Work?

15 years ago or so, online dating was taboo. Fast forward to the present, there’s an online dating site or dating app for everyone. Furthermore, it’s now the primary way singles (and married & dating folks) meet.

Thing is, what happens when you are actually in a relationship – one that you consider to be meaningful? Sure you have friends & family that will give you advice, but what type of advice is it? It’s primarily based off of their relationship experiences. While it’s a great sounding board, there’s nothing that is being conversed that will help you progress. So what do you do?

How to Help Your Relationship

Whether you’ve been married for 20 years or are one year into a relationship, chances are there are things in your relationship that could be better. There’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed, it happens several times throughout every relationship.

Now if you’re married, marriage counseling might be an option. The problem is, most men have zero desire to see a therapist. With that sort of resistance, the outcome is doomed to fail. In addition to spending $5,000 to a therapist, your relationship didn’t actually improve.

Before you get to the stage of going to a therapist, chances are , your relationship needs several little things to happen – verses a one time event of going to a therapist. The relationship training app Relish creates a customized plan for your relationship. It also allows you unlimited one on one coaching. If you apply these principles, the relationship training app Relish can truly provide a boost to your relationship.

It’s All About Communication

When you combine aging & life, a relationship involves constant adjustment. In addition to that, a core fundamental, is being able to communicate. It’s one of the hardest traits in a relationship as it is constantly involving. At the end of the day, make sure you constantly nourish & grow your relationship. It only takes a little bit each day to get you there!

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