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How Do I Date an Ex Girlfriend

How do I date my ex girlfriend

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How Do I Date an Ex Girlfriend

Whether your 18 or 70, dating an ex girlfriend can be a difficult decision. For instance, how much time has passed since you broke up? Are you looking to recapture what you had or are you falling for the person your ex girlfriend has become. Or, did you do something so unforgivable that dating your ex girlfriend is more about the chase than the actual relationship. These are all valid questions. While there isn’t an easy answer, here are things to looking for when wanting to date an ex.

How Do I Date an Ex Girlfriend

  1. What caused your break up? This is important. You need to really understand what caused the break up. Is it forgivable? Is it fixable? Is the time that passed enough to get passed what really occurred for you and for her
  2. What do you want to get back with your ex? This sometimes isn’t easy to determine. Do you miss the old her or the new her? Was your relationship highly sexual and you miss that component in your life? Or do you simply miss your true other half but haven’t been able to realize it until now
  3. Don’t make it casual. At this stage, the last thing you want to do is have a casual relationship with your ex girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, we are all creatures of habit. What was once familiar can be missed and desired again. Here, you need to go a step further than this. If done improperly, the amount of emotional baggage that comes back will be devastating to you both
  4. Never understand the power of communication. If you’re going to try and get back with your ex girlfriend, but all the games aside. Be 100% open and communicate what happened in the past, what you’re looking for presently, and what you’re hoping to accomplish with her in the future. This part is key. Hold yourself accountable for your actions. If she sees that you are keeping up with your word, you’ll remove any doubt she has in her head. After all, she will have doubts for a very long time. It just takes one screw up for the past to affect your present and your future.

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