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Why Use Us To Create Your Sponsored Reviews?

  1. Creating sponsored reviews that are read by your target audience and are related to your niche can be one of the most cost effective forms of advertising.
  2. At just $175 per sponsored review this offers excellent value for money so why not try one today and see how it converts to sales and goes on converting because it will be available on our site 24/7.

How You Benefit

  1. One of our talented copywriters will create a review for your product or service that provide a solution in the specific advice category being searched on by your target audience thus ensuring an accurate match between their problem and your solution.
  2. Links to your article are published to all the major social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin thus increasing your exposure to millions of potential customers.
  3. Exposure to our 50,000 visitors and growing per month.
  4. Personal service and specific requests always considered and discussed openly.

Are We Targeting The Same People?

We target 137 Million well educated (college graduate upwards) and professional Americans between the ages of 18-54. The pie chart below provides a breakdown of this group by age and gender.

Target Market

sponsored posts







USF = United States Females

USM = United States Males

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How It Works

  1. Click the “BUY NOW” button below and provide the requested information using the form supplied.
  2. Read Terms and Conditions and check box to accept.
  3. Submit the completed form.
  4. Make payment by PayPal.
  5. Headline approved.
  6. Review written.
  7. Changes made if requested by client.
  8. Final copy approved.
  9. Review scheduled.
  10. Review published.

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