Exquisitely laughable advice from the most ludicrous comedian ever to hit Broadway

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Don’t ask if you’re easily offended!

NPR says writer/performer /Psychology Today blogger/French fry eater Slash Coleman, “has the power to change the way people think,” and WGBH Boston calls him “extremely provocative and entertaining.”

So we are delighted that he has decided to take on a new role as Agony Uncle for www.howdoidate.com. Slash has kindly consented to answer your dating questions based on his unlimited experience in this area. He is renowned for his forthright answers that some may find quite charming and the more sensitive of you may find quite alarming, even disturbing. No matter  – his intentions are always good!

Despite previous recommendations from his middle school guidance counselor, his mother, and those with emotional baggage he admits to have stolen, Slash continues to claim to be an expert in matters of the heart (mostly of the broken kind). And so if you want to hear it like it is there’s no better confidante than Uncle Slash!

Perhaps confidante was entirely the wrong word to use since we will be publishing the best questions along with his sage answers each month! Slash is prepared to talk about his baggage and bear his soul (if he’s able to find the exact bag it’s located in) recounting his personal experiences in answer to your dating questions.

Just send in your dating questions to Slash on the form bel

Visit  Uncle Slash  daily to see answers to all your questions.

NB. We will never reveal your identity.


Mishna WolffMishna Wolff – Best selling author of I’m Down

Slash Coleman has a fresh point of view, an original story,
and tons of style. The Bohemian Love Diaries is a fun, raucous
read by a fantastic storyteller.

Ophira EisenbergOphira Eisenberg – Host of NPR’s Ask Me Another and author of Screw Everyone

Coleman comes alive on the page in this memoir about the
bizarre and beautiful life of a free spirit and artist who navigates
through life with his heart. It’s easy to fall in love with him as a reader, and I can’t decide if I wished I was on the journey with him or if I’m completely content to simply read about it and enjoy the laugh. One thing is for sure, Evel Knievel would be proud.

Mara AltmanMara Altman – Author of Thanks for Coming

Slash’s endearing and idiosyncratic memoir feels wonderfully intimate, like he’s whispering his life’s greatest and most
heartbreaking moments right into your ear. A lively, wonderful read.