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Our Experts' Q & A

Dating and relationship questions and answers from our experts.

in love

How you can tell you're in love The answer to whether or not you are really in love depends upon which part of you feels in love and which part of the other person you...
how to find a partner

Are you wondering how to find a partner who's your perfect match? Here how! Rochelle asks: "If I assess myself quite objectively, if I know my accomplishments as well as my drawbacks, is there a chance...

Do you sometimes have confusion regarding the value of a relationship? Jeanine asked me the following question at one of my free webinars: "Hi Dr. Paul, thank you so much for your wonderful work and for...
love yourself

Discover what you can do to give your relationship a chance. Lauren asks: "I have been married for 12 years, our marriage has always been a struggle of various forms. I have gotten to feel so...
self love first

Learn to attract people at your common level of self love, rather than at your common level of self-abandonment. Marty tells me in a phone session, "Susan is always criticizing me. How do I get...
fear of engulfment

Left Unchecked The Fear of Engulfment Usually Ruins Relationships

The fear of engulfment trap and how you can escape Is not being controlled more important to you than loving yourself and others? Do you find yourself resisting even when it's something you want to...
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