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be free

If you want your freedom you need to take these steps to be free " one ever pushes you toward freedom. You need to take that for yourself." --Joan Erickson, wife of psychologist Erik Erickson, quoted...
mr nice guy

Why Being Mr Nice Guy Doesn't Guarantee Others Will Be Nice To You Were you taught that if you were nice others would be nice? "I had this really terrible interaction on the phone with a...

How Assertiveness and Aggressiveness Differ Everyone recognizes there is a value to assertiveness. Achieving goals—any sort of goal—is more likely when someone reaches out to achieve them, rather than waiting around for “the right circumstances.”...

Be Assertive, Not Angry To Resolve Complaints

How to avoid wasting years of frustration. A new survey found that citizens of the United Kingdom spend three-and-a-half years of their lives being angry. Even more remarkable, the causes of their distress were everyday...
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