emotionally distant

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If you're looking for mission impossible just try changing your emotionally distant partner! You'll have a happier marriage if you don't try to make a...

dying love

5 Things NOT TO DO & 5 TO DO To Revive Dying Love

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Knowing what NOT to do is just as important as what to do to revive dying love “You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’, oh that lovin’...


Loneliness Is The Number 1 Health Threat To Society

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How loneliness affects our longevity John Robbins, the heir to the Baskin-Robbins ice cream fortune, stated on the Coast to Coast radio show that one...


Is The Person You Are In A Relationship With Unavailable?

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Learn the signs of unavailable people, and know what to do next. In my book(link is external), I discuss how a "soul mate" must first...

social isolation

Social Isolation Is Probably Damaging Your Health

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Live longer by abandoning social isolation If you tend to isolate, and you believe that social isolation protects you from getting hurt, you might be...

Are You Afraid Of Being Alone?

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Are you so afraid of being alone it's keeping you in an unloving or abusive relationship? Learn how practicing Inner Bonding can heal your...


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Marijuana or loneliness - which poses a greater threat to health? Surprising results may lead to new treatments, but risks remain. Loneliness is far more dangerous...


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How loneliness can prove lethal, and how to break free of its depressing grip I am a fan of books that offer practical know-how for...


dating profile

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Justine's Dating Profile Isn't Working For Her - Is Yours? Dear Duana, At 38, I’ve got a good job, good looks, and lots to offer. But...



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Exercise and Meditation to help recover from sorrow, loss and change. Sometimes, when we are recovering from sorrow, loss or heartache we feel the need...
loving yourself by having a massage

Are You Positive You Know What Loving Yourself Really Means?