Dating advice for men
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Dating advice for men

attract women

Attract women without seduction Enlightened male Readers, You can't fail to notice the huge number of articles on the net about how to seduce women. Perhaps you've read some of them too? If like me you consider...
how to find a partner

Are you wondering how to find a partner who's your perfect match? Here how! Rochelle asks: "If I assess myself quite objectively, if I know my accomplishments as well as my drawbacks, is there a chance...
life partner

How spending a few minutes on a list can bring you decades of joy with your ideal life partner Take a moment and write a list of everything you desire and need in a life...
thinking about romantic quest

A single midlife man's romantic quest and its alternatives Whenever I begin to feel unread and unloved, writing my articles on philosophy of science and the like, I know there’s relief close at hand.  I...

Dating and dating rejection go hand in hand Franklin writes: I am a 68 year old male who was married for 27 years and now divorced 15 years. I have fallen in love with a woman...
horny men

When horny men don't deliver on their promises I don’t know how often this occurs, but there is a not infrequent situation where a man is sure about wanting sex and may wax and wane...