General dating advice
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General dating advice

General dating advice articles from experts.

hooking up

Find out why real dating is infinitely better than hooking up When a Person Grows More and More Uncomfortable with One-on-One According to USA Today(link is external), an online survey found that 69 percent of 2,647...
attract the same type

Do you attract the same type of person over and over and it never works out? Discover how your low or high frequency determines the kind of person you will attract. We are attracted to...
love yourself

Do you believe that you want a relationship but never seem to find the 'right one?' Most people say they want to be in a relationship, yet they consistently do  things that keep them from...

Both men and women frequently lie at the beginning of dating, but they lie about different things. In this article, discover the common forms of date lying. A reader of my articles wrote to me...
relationship red flags

Spotting the difference between relationship red flags and promising signs How long into a relationship does it take you to discover that this person is not right for you? Learn to discern the difference between...
physical attraction

Why settle for less than your perfect partner? When it comes to mate selection, most people allow themselves to be guided by superficial factors such as physical appearance or outward trappings of success, such as...