Why settle for less than your perfect partner?

When it comes to mate selection, most people allow themselves to be guided by superficial factors such as physical appearance or outward trappings of success, such as flashy cars, and so on.Despite the conscious rationalizations that most people come up with to explain their choice of mate, the reality is that mate choice is primarily driven by the unconscious mind. In fact, it’s said that 98% of the choices we make (the jobs we choose and the partners we select) is driven by the unconscious part of the psyche. Unfortunately, in the realm of mate selection, the unconscious mind is notorious for steering us wrong–especially if we are still saddled with Old Scars from childhood.

If Old Scars are still on the scene, we will invariably choose a partner who emotionally resembles the parent who let us down or harmed us. We do this so that we can replay the worst and most traumatic aspects of our childhood, hoping to achieve what I call our Happy Ending, which is a resolution of the original wound.

Unfortunately, because we choose partners who are limited and damaged in the exact same ways that our parents were, we never succeed in obtaining that Happy Ending. Instead we just keep banging our heads on the proverbial wall, fighting the same old fight, draining our lives away day by day, all the while getting nowhere.

But the urge to heal is so great, we often choose to stay with the wrong partners, desperately trying to change ourselves, thinking if only I try harder and am a better person/partner, I will succeed in fixing my partner and our relationship, and then I will finally win my Happy Ending. Even when this plan doesn’t work, you will be inclined to stay because giving up on your partner and your relationship feels like giving up the hope of ever healing your Old Scar.

In the event that you do manage to break free and break up, the sad fact is unless you heal your Old Scar you will end up with the same type of wrong partner again and again.

To truly break free, you need to identify and heal your Old Scar. When your healing is finished, you will no longer be drawn to a “damaged goods” domestic partner. I have many ways to assist you in healing: the advice archives on this site are loaded with articles on this topic (see unfinished business, repetition compulsion, and Old Scars). In addition, my book, Till Death Do Us Part(Unless I Kill You First) presents my step-by-step plan for identifying and healing your Old Scars. Last but not least, my book Make Up Don’t Break Up shows you how to further nurture yourself and raise your self-esteem.

Once you’ve healed your Old Scar and raised what I call your Personal Net Worth, you will be ready to form a healthy relationship. At this point, you are ready to magnetize the right partner to you.

But you need to take one more step. Since you are no longer going to give the time of day to that old kind of partner, you need start from scratch and define your new ideal partner, your Mr. or Ms. Right.

My free Create A Mate workbook will help you to do just that. This guide is based on all the factors that are related to compatibility, which includes Homogamy (or similarity in all the areas that matter most), Relationship Enhancing Communications, and strong Couple Identity. ( Read my article “How Can I Tell If We’re Compatible?” for a full understanding of compatibility.)

Create-A-Mate workbook cover

Through a series of detailed questions, I guide you to define every aspect of your perfect mate. From looks, to level of education, type of work, tastes, religious, spiritual, and financial, values, interests and tastes. I leave no stone unturned.

When you clearly define who is right for you, something magically occurs. You somehow manage to attract your ideal mate. I’ve seen it again and again; the clarity of your vision works like an affirmation, drawing the right partner to you, and this same clarity helps you to recognize your Mr. or Ms. Right when he/she comes along, rather than allowing him/her to pass you by. So don’t wait. Use my Create a Mate guide and find your ideal mate TODAY!

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