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happy life

Having a happy life isn't so much about doing all the right things but avoiding doing these 4 wrong things I, like many of you, was brought up and programmed to believe in a...
Comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others makes you vulnerable to shame Thumbing through my sixth grade diary, a thoroughly miserable year, I found this quote I had typed and pasted on the page. "I used to cry...

If you feel embarrassed about your age then you must be suffering  from ageism! To invite joy and happiness in, we can break the vicious circle of shame, silence, stigma and secrecy (link is external)that...

What You Need To Do To Cure Your Depression

Depression, anxiety, stress, and anger as well as feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy have one major cause Myrna, 38 and a successful physician, sought my help because she often felt inadequate. While she really...
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Why you should accept responsibility and reject blame In my counseling practice, I often hear people saying things like: "It's my fault that she asked for a divorce. If I hadn't worked so much, she wouldn't...
open hearted

Have you convinced yourself that it's foolish to be open hearted and much better to close your heart to protect yourself against emotional pain? Do you live your life with your heart mostly open or...