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Stop making excuses for your partner's abuse and stop their bullying instead! People who are willing to use sarcasm, yelling, name-calling, threats, intimidation, withdrawal of love, and even physical attacks on you when you won’t do,...

Letting go of an emotional manipulator even when you think you can't But despite all that, do you actually believe that you can't let go? It's not easy, but you can. Let's face it, emotional manipulators...
50 shades of grey

How can you explain the phenomenal success of 50 Shades Of Grey? The book Fifty Shades of Grey has sold over 100 millions copies worldwide. The movie based on it is poised to break all...
drama queen

Drop the label "drama queen" and start supporting the women in your life! Far too often I see adolescent girls and adult women come to therapy believing they are overly “dramatic.” They tend to rely...

Find out when controlling is loving and when it's unloving Is it loving or unloving to be controlling? It all depends on your intent, on which part of you is trying to control, and what...
emotional abuse

How To Tell If You’re A Victim Of Emotional Abuse

Check out these signs of verbal and emotional abuse and find out if you're a victim Our society is filled with verbal and emotional abuse, from radio and TV commentators and presidential candidates, to parents,...
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