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donald trump

As Donald Trump continues along the campaign trail, what he says may reveal less about him than what it reveals about us. Here are some of the ingredients of his appeal. 1. Standing for Something: This involves...
how to talk to your partner about sex

A lot of people struggle when it comes to talking with a partner about sex. It’s a topic that makes many of us feel really anxious. But communicating about sex is as important as...

Steps to turn your relationship around Written with Lauren Mays, MA Our romantic relationships are an important source for our sense of relational value, which is the feeling that we matter to others and are worthy...

Understanding how we can drive our relationship to the brink Written with Lauren Mays, MA We all know communication is an integral part of forming and maintaining successful relationships, but this only goes so far.  What...
body language

The importance of your handshake in terms of body language and how to ensure your handshake doesn't disqualify you as a suitable candidate for a job This morning, I had the distinct pleasure of waking...

Alexithymia is common with traditionally masculine men "It is hard for me to say stuff like that.” A recent clinical encounter reminded me of an important point about the way many modern men experience their emotions and...