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listening skills

Listening skills are all about how to save ear-time without being closed-minded Better listening isn’t necessarily more listening. It can’t be, since you only have so much ear time to go around, way too many...
hurt feelings

Are you aware of how you may be causing your partner's hurt feelings? Are you aware of how your partner may be hurting you? Are you aware of the painful feelings of loneliness, heartache and heartbreak...
crucial conversations

New research reveals why our crucial conversations fail or succeed The day before Bobby was to ship off to Iraq in 2004, he got into a skirmish with his father. Like the war he was...
art of conversation

See if you have these 10 skills and discover if you are a master of the art of conversation What makes a good conversationalist? These 10 skills may surprise you. My mother-in-law for decades enjoyed hosting...
compromise in a relationship

If there's a "magic bullet" for reaching compromise in relationships, what is it? Compromise is certainly key in politics. But it's no less key in relationships. Perhaps the main reason so many couples remain mired...
agree to disagree

Disagreements arise in any relationship so often to avoid escalation it's best to agree to disagree Certainly, you've heard the phrase before, perhaps so often that it's ceased to have much meaning to you. But...