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stop divorce

Now you can stop divorce by creating a "New 'I Do!" (This article was inspired by a recent interview with noted radio personality, Vipp Jaswal that may be heard here(link is external)) Are you happy and fulfilled in your...
surviving divorce

How to make surviving divorce easier by making use of a support network Finding the right support during divorce can be challenging to say the least. Friends who you thought would be there aren't, family is...
marriage therapy

Does seeking marriage therapy mean it's over? The tabloids exploded with curiosity and innuendo of terrible trouble once Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were discovered going to a marital therapist.  Now with a pending divorce,...
should I stay or should I go

If you're thinking to yourself "should I stay or should I go" you might find this article will help you to make that decision When trying to decide whether or not to end a marriage...
save your marriage

Find out how to save your marriage when all love and hope appear to have gone The feeling is gone. His personality irritates you. Now what? Call me old-fashioned, but "The feeling is gone." shouldn't be...
save your relationship

5 things to try to save your relationship before it's too late The decline of a relationship is an awful thing to experience. More often than not, the process starts slowly, and we hardly notice...