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successful marriage

Marriages have needs! Learn what they are & how to meet them to ensure a successful marriage Like it or not, you have needs: we all do. We would hardly be human if we didn't....
lost that loving feeling

After being married for a while you may find you've lost that loving feeling and sexual attraction. Here's how to get them back Sexual feelings and loving feelings are not automatic but needn't fade. We marry...
save your marriage

Find out how to save your marriage when all love and hope appear to have gone The feeling is gone. His personality irritates you. Now what? Call me old-fashioned, but "The feeling is gone." shouldn't be...
how to love your husband again

Have you fallen out of love and would like to know how to love your husband again? Here are 8 do-able things to get out of a marital slump Here are eight tips to get you...
marriage tips

Marriage tips abound. You can find hundreds if not thousands of marriage tips on the Internet. There is one though that's the greatest of all... Honor your partner's vulnerability. Your partner (like all humans) has vulnerabilities...

Ten points to ponder before marriage to Mr Right to make sure he's right for you Choosing a life partner is one of the most important decisions you may ever make. If you're in doubt,...