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open hearted

Have you convinced yourself that it's foolish to be open hearted and much better to close your heart to protect yourself against emotional pain? Do you live your life with your heart mostly open or...
breaking down

There Is A Better Alternative To Breaking Down

Breaking down keeps you stuck, while breaking open allows you to discover the power within yourself. "Something I didn't want to happen, happens. I feel the resistance build within. I feel the pressure to control...
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Discover that some crying makes you feel better, while other crying doesn't, or may even make you feel worse. A recent study indicates that crying does not make people feel better. But there is a...
childhood trauma

Discover how childhood trauma causes emotional and physical problems today, and what you can do to heal. Celine, an only child, was seven years old when her mother died tragically in a car accident. She...

Heartbreak needn't blight your life forever "Pain makes you stronger, tears make you braver, and heartbreak makes you wiser. So thank the past for a better future". — Unknown When you learn how to hold your...

How Poetry Can Help You To Deal With Grief Better

Two poems to help you deal with grief Forgive, forget, move on. Because life is incredibly short The oldest person in the world died yesterday at 117. Asked earlier this month by a government official how...
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