negative thoughts

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Negative thoughts are the main cause of anxiety. Practicing these 3 proven approaches over time  will enable you to overcome them and get rid...

get closer

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Here's how to get closer to the people in your life you love If you want it, speak up. People often come to me berating themselves...

talk too much

Do You Want To Know Why People Talk Too Much?

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Why on earth do some people talk too much? Are you aware of needing to talk too much, or have you been with people who...

open hearted

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Have you convinced yourself that it's foolish to be open hearted and much better to close your heart to protect yourself against emotional pain? Do...

feeling empty inside

Don’t Know Why You’re Feeling Empty Inside?

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If you're feeling empty inside this may be the reason.. You can be a giving and caring person, even a spiritually connected person, yet still...


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Your childhood loneliness could lead to divorce Is your relationship distant and unfulfilling or filled with conflict? Discover the underlying control and resistance issues that may...


Are You A Chatterbox?

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On Being A Chatterbox Incessant talking is often a way to connect with others when you feel alone and disconnected from yourself. In this article,...


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Loneliness will be felt by one in four people over the holidays The holidays come sprinkled with promises of “brightness” and “cheer.” It’s a universally...


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Falling for a Ukrainian Woman Dear Doctor. Most of my life I have found some sort of answer to most circumstances. Last year one came upon...
fear of engulfment

Left Unchecked The Fear of Engulfment Usually Ruins Relationships



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Are we going about happiness all wrong? We’ve all seen some version of this scene: the child at the playground, covered in ice cream, wearing...

Never Presume Uncaring Behavior Means Somebody Doesn’t Love You

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