Falling for a Ukrainian Woman

Dear Doctor.

Most of my life I have found some sort of answer to most circumstances. Last year one came upon me that I cannot.

I came upon a profile from a Ukrainian woman. Before I could write to her she wrote to me. How could she know I was checking her out? We started casually writing to each other not knowing that we shared the same unusual feeling in our being.

Last November of 2004 we opened our hearts to each other and found that we shared the very same feeling from the beginning. She has never asked me for anything, so I asked her if she would like to take some English lessons. She knows that I am by far not a rich man and that I have a disability. She said no. I saved up and paid for them anyway.

I have been learning some Russian myself from a book and cassettes that I bought from a yard sale some years ago. I did not know why I bought them and have not even checked them out, but yet I kept them around for many years. Could she have known why?

She and I have found that we somehow know each other ‘s thoughts, before we even share them. I have sent her 8 letters and cards in the postal mail but she has only received the first one.

We have planned for me to come visit her in June of 2005. I have saved up for a plane ticket. It was only $790 USD then. The prices have more than doubled before I could buy. Each time I check them out they are higher then I can afford. Could this be a sign for us to hold off on meeting at this time?

The fact that plane fares have gone up isn’t a sign that you aren’t meant to meet this Ukrainian woman; rather it’s a sign that gas prices are increasing and the dollar is weak right now!

Don’t read signs where none exist. It sounds like you have an amazing connection with this woman. Thank God for the gift and do whatever you can to connect with her.

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