Anger management
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Anger management

anger management

Anger Management Is Essential For A Happy Married Life

Learning anger management skills will stop the conflict with your partner Have you ever gone home at the end of a difficult day and taken it out on your partner? Of course, you have. It’s...
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angry partner

Defusing the anger in your angry partner The closer your attachment to someone, the more of an effect their words will have on you. So assuming you’re in a committed relationship, how your partner addresses...
power struggle

How To Resolve The Power Struggle In A Relationship

"I'm so sick and tired of Andrea's anger and bossiness that I'm about ready to leave this relationship," said Paul in our phone counseling session. "Everything has to be her way. Why can't she...
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control people

What Do You Use To Control People?

Are you using anger to control people? If you grew up in a family where one or both parents used anger to control you, then anger likely plays a role in your life now. Did you...
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type D personality

Are You A Type D Personality?

Unexpressed marital complaints can lead to cardiovascular health risks People who feel a significant amount of negative emotions (such as marital dissatisfactions) but who struggle to express such feelings are considered to have a type...
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