Emotional intimacy
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Emotional intimacy


Alexithymia is common with traditionally masculine men "It is hard for me to say stuff like that.” A recent clinical encounter reminded me of an important point about the way many modern men experience their emotions and...

Torpedoing a relationship by sharing too much at the start And I'll try to preserve the routine And I don't want to discuss what it means And you're the only one I want watching me—Waxahatchee, “La Loose” (link...
fear of intimacy

Jody's fear of intimacy meant he had no close friends although he had always been very popular and sociable - Why? It's overwhelming sometimes When you're all alone And you can't tell if you're floating or falling...
fearless love

Find out why we are afraid to love and how we can conquer our apprehension and achieve fearless love Do you only feel in love when your partner isn't fully available? Would you like to...
save your marriage

Find out how to save your marriage when all love and hope appear to have gone The feeling is gone. His personality irritates you. Now what? Call me old-fashioned, but "The feeling is gone." shouldn't be...
scared to love

Why are YOU scared to love? My mother was in town last weekend to celebrate an early Thanksgiving. We had a lovely time and it filled my heart to see the way she delights in...