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When did I go from being a fearless person to a champion worrier? When I was growing up, I thought that being courageous meant not being afraid. Similarly, I thought cowardice meant fear. By these...
narcissistic mother

In just a few minutes find out if you were raised by a narcissistic mother by answering our survey questions Maternal Narcissim... Is this your Mom? MATERNAL NARCISSISM SURVEY IS THIS YOUR MOM? I’m offering you a survey...
narcissistic parents

How to deal with the fall out from having narcissistic parents Your part of being a good friend requires effort. Well, this is not a pleasant topic and almost sounds like an oxymoron. But, in reality,...

Don’t be fooled—not all virtue is the same There’s authentic virtue, and then there’s a kind of chronic, not-quite-credible virtue that doesn’t—and really can’t—reflect an individual’s true nature. Such a convoluted assertion might seem a little...

Has your rage been caused by hurt feelings when you were a child? It’s become increasingly common for therapists to note that underlying your anger are feelings of hurt. In fact the more pronounced your...
single girl

Have you chosen to be single for the right reasons? The not-so-good reasons people steer away from love and intimacy There is nothing wrong with being single. In fact, one of the most important lessons someone...