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increase libido

There are a variety of causes of lost libido. Here are the most common along with ways to increase libido. It’s quite common for a woman to lose interest in sex when there is an...
human sexuality

Why you needn't worry if your human sexuality seems to be different from the absolutes pronounced by so called experts. A speaker at a recent professional sexuality conference I attended referenced a quote variously attributed to...
sex for seniors

Sex for seniors misconceptions and myths On a recent first time visit to a new gynecologist I was given the usual sheaf of papers to fill out on personal habits and health history. One of...
fighting about sex

Fighting about sex is very damaging to any relationship. Find out how to reach the best compromise with your partner What if you felt as content as this blog picture looks? If sex were not...

Abstinence from sex seems to increase sexual appetite The abstinence-desire index (the ADI) "Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder” is a well-known aphorism that sums up the effect of sexual frequency on sexual appetite—and vice-versa. The...
turns a man on

What turns on a man more is a hotly debated topic When Playboy—the magazine, not the website—was in its heyday, women’s breasts reigned supreme (and rather large ones at that). But over the past several...