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sexual desire

Sexual Desire In Men V. Women Part 1—Are Male Brains Hard-Wired to See Females as Sex Objects? Neuroscientists have much to teach us about the what’s and why’s of our sexual preferences. Merely on the basis...

Do Women Really Experience Vaginal Orgasms?

The value of self-report Lessing’s recent death has been somewhat overshadowed by that of another rather prominent African thinker and social reformer. However, in her time she was a fearless campaigner and expositor. Among her...
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sex fun

Why is sex fun? Why is it often not fun? The lovely people of Limerick invited me to talk to them about my research last week. Now, I know what you are thinking. A sex-researcher,...
female orgasm

Research Into Female Orgasm

Fascinating female orgasm findings A gap exists between male and female orgasmic capacity during intercourse. Why? In sex, especially in casual hook-up sex, men orgasm more frequently than women. This has been referred to this as...
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The Case of the Vanishing Clitoris It’s a mystery worthy of Miss Marple herself. The clitoris vanishes every few generations and then needs to be rediscovered. Sometimes, this rescue from obscurity is to considerable fanfare....
male sexuality

5 Male Sexuality Fallacies

What women wish men knew about male sexuality 1. Men are not naturally monogamous, but women are. I’ve always figured that this one is simply wishful thinking on the part of the male scientists influenced by...
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