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Anxiety is caused by the fear of losing control As I spiral deeper and deeper into the layers of the field of transition,  I realize with greater clarity that at the core of the anxiety...
self love

Self Love Is The Key To Positive Projection

Self love is what Inner Bonding is all about and it's self love that enables us to use positive projection in our daily lives The topic of projection arises frequently on this blog and in...
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get closer

Here's how to get closer to the people in your life you love If you want it, speak up. People often come to me berating themselves and feeling they are fated to never be close or...
self acceptance

Why Self Acceptance Needs To Be Incomparable

"Non-comparative" self acceptance—what’s it all about? The desire to become your personal best is normal—and it’s admirable. But wanting to become better than others . . . not so much. Maybe not at all. For, so...
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feeling unloved

Feeling unloved? You can put paid to the feeling by taking the actions suggested here today! Do you feel unloved? Do you know what would make you feel loved?Ask yourself: Who do you feel loved...

Don’t be fooled—not all virtue is the same There’s authentic virtue, and then there’s a kind of chronic, not-quite-credible virtue that doesn’t—and really can’t—reflect an individual’s true nature. Such a convoluted assertion might seem a little...