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passive aggressive

Who would have thought that a toy dog bone could be used as a weapon by a passive aggressive mother? One of the classic red flags of passive aggressive behavior(link is external) is the use...
passive-aggressive behavior

How unresolved fear and anger can lead to passive-aggressive behavior At one pole of communication stands passivity: not speaking out for fear of adverse consequences. At the other end stands aggressiveness: voicing negative sentiments without...
lose your temper

How is losing your temper bad for your health? The Physical--and Cognitive--Toll of Anger Another thing that makes anger--or perhaps I should say, unregulated,indiscriminate, or over-the-top anger--so dumb is that it uses up so much energy....

The Fundamental Irrationality of Getting Mad Rarely has angry behavior been deemed intelligent behavior. How could it be when getting mad literally impairs your intellectual functioning? As researchers have repeatedly emphasized, anger makes you see...

Find out how to conquer the self-blame that's preventing you from resolving conflicts Have you ever had the experience of trying to resolve a conflict and running up against your partner's self-blame in a way...
anger management

New strategies for anger management that will help you to see things more clearly Anger is a very difficult emotion. Women, in particular,  may learn to fear our own anger, not only because it brings about...