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Inner child

self esteem

You need to protect your self esteem from your inner critic! The Inner Critic part of your mind was created to help you survive as a child. You felt a strong need to please your...
wounded self

How not to allow your wounded self to defeat you with it's self limiting running commentary One of the most challenging steps in the healing process is de-fusing from the wounded  - or fear-based –...
abandoned child

  There are some experiences in life that visually illuminate the concepts we talk about in Inner Bonding. Yesterday, at our local rec center, two such experiences shook me to my core and made me...
inner boding

Inner bonding will enable Matthew to get rid of his irrational fear of failure Matthew called me three months before his wedding and told me the following story: “I’ve been with my fiancé for two...
spiritual connection

Why We Need A Personal Spiritual Connection To Experience The Joy Of Life

Do You Have A Personal Spiritual Connection? How are we doing as inhabitants of this beautiful planet? Sometimes we need to take stock of ourselves – personally, nationally and globally. On a personal level, do...
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inner child

How a demanding husband can make your inner child miserable! Peggy had been married to James for 14 years when she first consulted with me for help with her relationship and her anxiety. "I can't stand...