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gut instinct

It can be tough learning to trust your gut instinct as an adult when you were raised by narcissistic parents Juliette has been struggling with fatigue and pain for many years. She has gone...

Have you found yourself in relationships where you feel empathy for your partner but your partner lacks empathy for you? Were you born with the ability to feel others' feelings? I was, and one of...
afraid of love

Were her narcissistic parents responsible for her being afraid of love with her devoted partner? Why would a loving, solid partnership trigger such deep-seated feelings of anxiety rendering my clients unable to eat, sleep, or...

Find out when, where and how narcissism starts and the behavioral signs of someone with narcissism A client once told me a story about how her narcissistic mother would never stand in lines. She was...
narcissistic personality disorder

Check out the 9 traits of narcissistic personality disorder and find out! A trademark for maternal narcissism is lack of empathy Many adult children of narcissistic parents report their biggest fear or nightmare is discovering that...

If you think you're married to a narcissist look for the signs... Do you feel engulfed, controlled, manipulated, and find that you are losing your sense of self? Then you may be married to a...