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You may be demanding but how how do you like it when when someone makes demands of you? How do you respond when someone says no to your demand? "If you ask something of someone...

Discover how to be inspiring with others instead of being gloomy and making people feel miserable "You are refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. Why not make an honest effort to confer that pleasure...
inner demons

Do People Really Have Inner Demons?

Are our inner demons really responsible for what appear to be evil thoughts, words and acts? Maybe it was the 1000th time I heard that occult explanation: “It must have been his inner demons...
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abandoned child

  There are some experiences in life that visually illuminate the concepts we talk about in Inner Bonding. Yesterday, at our local rec center, two such experiences shook me to my core and made me...
talk too much

Do You Want To Know Why People Talk Too Much?

Why on earth do some people talk too much? Are you aware of needing to talk too much, or have you been with people who go on and on? There is a good reason for...
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