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Sex studies conducted with men.

sexual desire

Fellatio: Bears And People Popularity Theory

erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a concern to men AND women Wise Readers, Swimsuits—they’re not what we’re discussing today.  Nor are we broaching penis size, much as I enjoy saying ‘penis size’ and even though it’s the topic...

Is orgasm the secret to longevity? Sometimes we joke about how other civilization, or other ages, looked upon old age. Since we have “medical-ized” aging and death, we have shielded ourselves from experiencing other ways of understanding aging. For...
first time sex

University Study Reveals First Time Sex For Women Is Improving

Men And Women Remember First Time Sex Differently Do you remember the first time you had sex? At the time, how pleasurable was this experience for you? How anxious were you? How guilty did you feel? The answer, it...
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Many Men Don't Have Affairs A number of species of animals are supposed to be monogamous, sometimes over the course of a lifetime. When the offspring of these various species are analyzed by examining their...

Should Stuart go or wait for love Dear Duana, Stuart and I parent well together.  We run a household well together.  And that’s it.  We aren’t at each other’s throats, but the lovin’ feelin’ is long...
sexual intercourse

Do You Have Sexual Intercourse Often Enough?

Is there a prescription for sexual intercourse? When I started my psychiatric practice, I saw a 24 year old woman who came to me for treatment of her agoraphobia and panic disorder. It is my...
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