Gay men
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Gay men

sexual desire

Fellatio: Bears And People Popularity Theory

erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a concern to men AND women Wise Readers, Swimsuits—they’re not what we’re discussing today.  Nor are we broaching penis size, much as I enjoy saying ‘penis size’ and even though it’s the topic...
boyfriend is gay

Boyfriend is gay, bisexual or just horny? Dear Duana, I’m quite the Love Science fan, so I (reluctantly) get it that a lot of guys watch some porn without fatally wounding their relationships. But what if a supposedly straight...

Should Stuart go or wait for love Dear Duana, Stuart and I parent well together.  We run a household well together.  And that’s it.  We aren’t at each other’s throats, but the lovin’ feelin’ is long...
sexual intercourse

Do You Have Sexual Intercourse Often Enough?

Is there a prescription for sexual intercourse? When I started my psychiatric practice, I saw a 24 year old woman who came to me for treatment of her agoraphobia and panic disorder. It is my...
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