Years ago, nightclubs and dance halls were the best place to meet and find a date. Today, online dating is where it’s at for meeting new people not just from your home town but from anywhere in the world – dating sans frontiere! Photo and increasingly video profiles that detail personal information is commonplace. Video profiles and video chat provide the perfect opportunity for people to get to know each other well before deciding to take the next step – a first date! If you are interested in getting in on the online dating program, here are a few tips to get you off to a good start.

Dating Advice  – Tip 1

Shared values, dreams, interests are vital in determining if a relationship will go anywhere so make sure you talk about yours in your dating profile so that other like minded people can find you! When you search for like minded people make sure you include those things that are non negotiable too!

Dating Advice – Tip 2

Personal information such as your name, address, telephone number and email address should only be revealed when you feel comfortable doing so. Most dating sites do not reveal this information but instead only show the nickname you choose and although you can send and receive emails this is done through the dating site’s own secure internal email system so your email address is never shown.

Dating Advice – Tip 3

During conversations or in emails, look out for the warning signs of someone who has real emotional problems such as a controlling personality, jealousy, tempers or any other behaviour that you find strange.

Dating Advice -Tip 4

You may find that some people seem to want to contact you all the time and become a bit of a nuisance. Avoid these people as much as you can because they are needy and possessive and will monopolise your time. Of course most of the better dating sites will provide you with a feature that enables you to block such people as well as lodge a complaint with them which could lead to them being barred from the site altogether!

Dating Advice – Tip 5

Finding out about such as values, children, job, interests, ambitions, marital status etc is perfectly normal and absolutely necessary in finding out if you are compatible so don’t be afraid to ask!

If someone seems to be reluctant to answer any of your questions it could be that they are trying to hide something from you or it could be they are very sensitive and to them your questions seem like the Spanish inquisition – only you can make that call!

Dating Advice – Tip 6

Relationships take time to build. There’s no hurry so take your time and enjoy the journey. Take time to get to know someone by exchanging emails first then perhaps moving on to communicating by video chat. Then only if you feel happy to do so you may decide to swap telephone numbers and have a few telephone conversations before arranging a first date.

Anything or anyone good is worth waiting for so take time to get to know someone at the pace you feel comfortable with!

Dating Advice – Tip 7

Finding out that someone has lied to you in terms of their profile information or any other aspect of their lives is not a good basis to start a new relationship.

If this happens to you then you are bound to start wondering what else they have lied about that you have yet to discover. If trust is in a relationship is important to you then it might be best to end the relationship there and then.

Dating Advice – Tip 8

Honesty is the foundation on which trust in a relationship is firmly built. It follows that it is vital you are honest in the profile information you provide and with anyone you meet as a result of your online dating experience.

Start as you mean to continue because later if someone you meet discovers you have been less than honest then the chance of the relationship blossoming may be lost forever.

Dating Advice – Tip 9

When the time comes for you to arrange a first date for safety’s sake make sure your meeting point is in a public place during daylight hours. Meeting someone for a coffee at places like Starbucks is ideal. Arranging a first date in  secluded place when it’s dark is unwise even if you feel that you know the person well enough.

Dating Advice – Tip 10

Be the person you are rather than the person you want to be or the person your date wants you to be! After all you want someone to love you for who you are – don’t you!

If you don’t do this then sooner or later your relationship will fail as someone discovers that the person they thought they had fallen in love with is not real!

Love can only thrive  between people who are true to themselves – so if you’re looking for love – be real!

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Derek Collinson is a Business Consultant and Internet Entrepreneur and the founder of four of the most popular dating sites on the internet. The first site Derek founded was, the first dating site in the world for people who love dogs and want to share their lives with like minded people. The second was for people who are only interested in one thing – finding their soul mate and the third was for people 40 and over who want to share their lives with people from the same era. Recently Derek created a new dating site called for people 50 and over. Derek is a lifelong animal lover and vegetarian as well as being a qualified Reiki practitioner and uses Reiki to heal both people and all creatures great and small. He spent three years using dating sites as a way of finding his soul mate and during that time gained invaluable knowledge of online dating through his experiences of meeting people online and offline as well as from running his three dating sites. Derek’s confidence in online dating was rewarded when seven years ago he met his partner on his own dating site for dog lovers – He created in March, 2013  to provide dating and relationship advice from qualified people to enable others to find love and build fulfilling relationships built on mutual respect, understanding and nurture.