Find out how to be successful in your financial and personal life

Most people who want to increase their net worth turn to financial advisors. But going this route is so yesterday.  Because, as it turns out, the best people to turn to are…
… neuroscientists and brain experts!
It’s true!

In the past several years, the latest brain scan technologies have revealed that it’s your pain and fear circuits that keep you from achieving your best. These new insights also reveal how to overcome and replace the negative beliefs and habits that keep you stuck at your current income and success level.

Here are the facts:  Your brain is split into three parts. The instinctual (oldest) part of your brain keeps you away from anything that is (or is even imagined to be) painful or scary. Your rational, logical mind analyzes the ideas and plans that make it past your initial fear/comfort barriers . But it’s  your implicit, emotional brain that is the actual decision maker when it comes to whether or not you will take decisive action that will determine whether you achieve your goals and dreams.

Here’s why knowing the above facts about your brain is vital to the future you envision for yourself and your loved ones.

Whenever your emotional desires, beliefs and values don’t align with your rational (logical) or instinctual (safety-conscious) brain … the three parts of your brain will constantly be fighting each other and undermining your ability to succeed at anything, especially your goals to grow and support yourself and your family.

This mental tension is called “Neural Dissonance”. It’s like having one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake every day. You make some progress, then sabotage it. Over and over again. Day after day. It gets old, doesn’t it?

If you’re struggling to break through to the next level of success…if you’re ready to take your foot off the brake in your life … the #1 thing to do right away is get your logical, instinctual and emotional mind working in a state of “Neural Coherence”… or harmony.

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New York Times Best Selling Author John Assaraf (from the hit movie The Secret) is onto something so amazing that I think you need hear it from me right away.

John has been researching the brain with 5 of the world’s leading brain experts. What they’ve discovered about success, loving your life, and making more money is truly revolutionary. (I don’t use the term lightly.)

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Register here for the Brainathon Live Event>>


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