The first kiss! Will it be memorable, will it lead to a second kiss, and will it create sparks of passion?

That first kiss can do all of that for sure, but it may also be the end of a budding new romance. There is nothing like the anticipation of that moment and the nervousness that can accompany it. The first kiss can create a bond that takes the relationship to a next level, but only if it is the right kiss.

How do you make sure the first kiss leads to another date and not the end of the relationship? First, you need to understand that men and women evaluate the first kiss differently. Men usually kiss to see if the woman is interested in them sexually and to entice her. They are looking for that spark of passion. Women kiss to collecting information. The first kiss can tell them if they are interested in getting to know him better. They are collecting key information into his personality.

If you were not nervous about the first kiss before, I bet you are now! No need to be nervous. I am going to give you tips on how to increase your odds of getting not only a second kiss but another date. The first consideration is when to attempt that ever important first kiss. It is best to kiss her when you are alone and when she is showing signs that she likes you. So, if she is smiling, flirting, leaning in close to talk to you, and generally seems interested, this might be the time to consider a first kiss. At the end of a date, you might lean in to hug her and gauge how receptive she is. Does she hug you quickly and then pull away? If so, it is time to wait. If you lean in and she leans back, then it might be time for the first kiss.

Now let’s talk about how to kiss for the first time. Remember, she is collecting information from this kiss, so make it a softer, tender kiss to start with. Women do not like kisses that are too aggressive or invasive. Take it slow and let her lead. This is just a first kiss after all. The overall goal of a first kiss is to make it a memorable experience, leaving her wanting more.

What do you do if the first kiss does not go well? Did not trigger the passion you were hoping for? Do you write off the relationship, or do you give it more time? This is a question that comes up frequently in my work with singles. If the first kiss was a disaster, then you might not get a second chance, but if it was just ok, missing the sparks you were hoping for, I recommend you give it more time. You were both probably nervous and not at your best. Sometimes chemistry builds as you get to know the other person. I find that singles can be in too much of a rush to move the relationship along. Take time to get to know each other and enjoy the process. Enjoy that first kiss and see where things lead.

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