Online dating is no different from offline dating –  nothing has changed as far as dating rules go. It’s just that new technology is serving as a medium to match people made for each other. Online dating is the new buzz for people seeking a date. And who knows –  you could meet the love of your life by sending an email to someone you like.

Why Use Online Dating?

Online dating allows people to meet online and share their values and interests to establish common ground. It is a boon for those who are introvert and are a bit scared to initiate contact. The Internet gives you the opportunity  to share your feelings with new people and when you find someone you’re compatible with and you feel the time is right you can meet them in person for a first date.

Choose From Thousands of Dating Sites

Finding online dating sites is easy. Just use a search engine like Google or Internet Explorer and you’ll find thousands of dating sites. Most are free to join and look at members’ profiles so you could start by joining a few. This will enable you to see which one you like before completing your own online dating profile and finding  some like minded people.

Finding People on Online Dating Sites

It is as well to bear in mind that people are members of onlinedating sites for a variety of reasons – for friendship, fun, a serious relationship, sexual encounters and even to find someone to marry. The important thing is to find people who are there for the same reason as you so as to avoid disappointment later. So if you’re looking for a serious long term relationship there’s really no point in contacting someone who’s there for fun!

Increase the Size of Your Dating Pool

Whichever kind of relationship you seek online dating will enable you to increase your “dating pool” by many thousands, increasing your chances of finding what or who you are looking for by a vast amount!  Online dating for most people is a positive experience and for some a truly life changing one when they meet that special someone who has eluded them in their everyday lives!

Finding like minded people on a dating site is pretty easy. The ball is in your court and entire decision lies with you to contact people whose profiles interest you.

Online Dating is as Safe as Offline Dating

If you have been scared off online dating because of online scammers then it’s as well to remember that  these unsavoury characters don’t live on the Internet! In fact they could live in your neighbourhood and you could just as easily meet them while you’re shopping, eating out or attending some social event. The truth is The Internet is just another place where people go to shop and meet people.

Choosing the Best Dating Site

Reputable dating sites have security designed to keep scammers out so it could be argued that on these sites you are less likely to come across a scammer than in real life when you are out and about.

In addition the best dating sites have a feature called video chat that enables you to get to know someone from the comfort and safety of your own home before venturing out to meet them in person should you decide to do so.

Also personal details such as your email address, home address or telephone number are never revealed unless you choose to reveal them. You are totally in control, only revealing the information to people as and when your online relationship develops and you fee safe to do so.

 The Bottom Line

If you don’t want to be alone but instead want to experience the joy of sharing your life with someone you love join millions of others  like you by becoming a member of an online dating site today!

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Derek Collinson is a Business Consultant and Internet Entrepreneur and the founder of four of the most popular dating sites on the internet. The first site Derek founded was, the first dating site in the world for people who love dogs and want to share their lives with like minded people. The second was for people who are only interested in one thing – finding their soul mate and the third was for people 40 and over who want to share their lives with people from the same era. Recently Derek created a new dating site called for people 50 and over. Derek is a lifelong animal lover and vegetarian as well as being a qualified Reiki practitioner and uses Reiki to heal both people and all creatures great and small. He spent three years using dating sites as a way of finding his soul mate and during that time gained invaluable knowledge of online dating through his experiences of meeting people online and offline as well as from running his three dating sites. Derek’s confidence in online dating was rewarded when seven years ago he met his partner on his own dating site for dog lovers – He created in March, 2013  to provide dating and relationship advice from qualified people to enable others to find love and build fulfilling relationships built on mutual respect, understanding and nurture.