Maybe Inner Bonding should be mandatory for politicians?

What if politicians had to be mentally evaluated before running for office? How many of them would pass as being emotionally stable and healthy?

What difference might it make for our country if all politicians had to work through a program like SelfQuest before taking office?

Many of our leaders are operating from their wounded self, run by their addictions to approval, sex, power and control. Our system of electing our officials is so corrupt that there is little possibility of attracting a strong, personally responsible, integrous loving adult. Few people of integrity are willing to put themselves through what they have to go through to win: the verbal abuse both given and received, the huge amounts of money spent, the integrity sacrificed through concessions, lies and manipulations that are apparently required in order to win. This is not to say that none of the people who run for office or none of our elected representatives are honest and caring. There certainly are many, but they are, unfortunately, a minority.

Our leaders are not required to do the healing they need to do to become honest and trustworthy. There is no training required in personal responsibility before a person runs for office. In fact, just as there is no training required for parenting, there is no training required to be in congress or to be president. All it takes is enough money and enough powerful people. In our “advanced” society, we haven’t yet let a woman be president.

A wounded person who desires approval and power is very available to corruption. Power corrupts when a person wants power over others, and few people have done the healing necessary to be beyond the desire for control over others. If a strong, spiritually-connected loving adult was in office and was much more concerned with serving the people than with getting re-elected, much could be accomplished. But would the powers behind our political system allow us to elect a person of such integrity – a straightforward, honest, caring, person?

Revamping our election process would give healthy people an opportunity to run for office. We desperately need people who care more for the common good than for their own popularity. We need brilliant, creative, honest and caring people to lead our country, but this will not happen with our present election system. We have incredible talent in this great country of ours, talent that could eliminate hunger and homelessness, and heal the internal wounds that create health problems, drug abuse, sexual addiction and sexual abuse, racism, violence and crime. But this talent doesn’t usually get tapped into because running our country has been about greed and power over others rather than about honesty and caring.

Unfortunately, neither our government nor most big businesses are based on the spiritual principles of compassion and caring about the common good. I have no doubt that if our government was based on spiritual values and the common good, we would not have the hunger, homelessness, crime, health problems, drug abuse and sexual addiction and abuse that are endemic to our society.

I have a dream. My dream is that politicians are required to learn to love themselves and others before taking office.

Alanis Morrissette
Alanis Morissette
“Inner bonding really nurtures and fosters the relationship between self and spirit. Personally, it has helped every relationship that I have. I’m so grateful.”- Alanis Morissette Here is the important secret that really makes love last which enabled singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette to evolve in her courage to love>>    

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